Content Management

Does your site require a Content Management System:

Do you require an easy to use web content editor, so you do not have to learn about html coding. We specialize in creating customized web page content management systems. Easy to use, fast and efficient. Whether you need this for your news section, document management section, news releases and material updates section. We can build a custom solution for you.

For the Static Pages:

Static pages are pages that do not contain any programming code from languages such as php or asp, generally they are html page.

To keep your web site up-to-date, you should have our customized page content management system. It includes the following,

  • 1. A password protected admin page.
  • 2. A drop down menu of pages you can change using a simple editor.
  • 3. A rich text editor that allows you to change a professional web page.
  • 4. Update procedure so your page can be changed and updated instantly.

For the Dynamic Pages:

  • 1. Create a Login page and associated scripts.
  • 2. Create forgot my password script. Email validation script.
  • 3. Create a registration page, information update page