Does your site require a Database:
We specialize in creating databases for web sites, whether it is for your eCommerce site, eMarketing site, Membership site, Employment, CV - Jobs, Resumes, Classifieds, Intranet and Secure information site. Here is what we do,

For the Database:

  • 1. Create a professional web design and layout
  • 2. Layout the database tables with all schema
  • 3. Create all the tables and variable names
  • 4. Create the database, provide you with all the admin tools to modify/change database
  • 5. Create web interface admin area to administer the database
  • 6. Allow web view of the database to the administrator
  • 7. Allow web edit/delete of database info by the administrator

For the User Interface:

  • 1. Create a Login page and associated scripts.
  • 2. Create forgot my password script. Email validation script.
  • 3. Create a registration page, information update page

Integration into your site:

  • 1. We will integrate all of the above into your existing site, if required.
  • 2. We will create all relevant displays from the database as necessary.
All our programming services start at $10/hour.

All our programming services start at $10/hour.